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Dream Furniture Piece: The Eames Lounge Chair

Chances are, you have seen the Eames Lounge Chair... even if you may not know it by that name. Here's a photo of it that I took a few years back.

Eames Lounge Chair - A Detailed Palette

The Eames Lounge chair was designed by Ray and Charles Eames and was sold by the premium furniture retailer, Herman Miller. The story goes that their inspiration for the chair was the look and comfort of an old baseball glove. I personally love how it manages to look sophisticated and sleek, but also welcoming and comfortable; it's a mix of characteristics that only great design can bring about. 

Today, the Eames lounger is considered an iconic example of midcentury modern design. If you want the real deal, Herman Miller is still the only way to go, but there are plenty of retailers that offer imitations of the Eames Loungers due to their incredible popularity and the high price points of the authentic furniture pieces. It is worth sharing that even imitations are incredibly pricey so it may be worth it just to save up for the real deal. I'm hoping to one day own an Eames lounger, although not any time before I have a house to do it justice. I can easily imagine a little corner or nook with this chair, creating the perfect spot for hours of knitting and reading. 

Although this chair is incredibly out of my budget for the time being, I was given a miniature of it as a gift, which I absolutely love. So for now, I am happy to at least have one version of the Eames Lounger in my home.

Here are two of my favorite rooms starring the Eames Lounger. I really think that this chair is just ideal for any kind of library or reading nook... which makes me love it even more.





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