Eclectic Style - What It Is and Why I Love It

There are all sorts of different styles to choose from when it comes to decorating a home or even just buying furniture. While style mostly has to do with looks and aesthetics, I think that a style can also impact your mood. For example, a room decked out in the most traditional and glamorous trappings might create a sense of awe - it's certainly what many royals were going for when their palaces were decorated.

Even if you don't subscribe to a particular style, chances are your home conveys a message and a tone based on the styles that are present.

Eclectic style is one of my favorites. Eclectic is technically a bit of a mash up of styles - a collection, yet curated style that relies heavily on mixing and matching. It is not, however, just mixing a bunch of different elements, and hoping for the best. Instead, real thought and curation goes into every well-executed eclectically styled room.

Eclectic is also a bit easier, in my opinion, to manage. It can be tricky to narrow down your likes to just one style. I think eclectic allows for more experimenting and for more flexibility when it comes to what you like. Our likes are always changing a bit here and there - eclectic styling isn't too rigid, meaning that if you truly love something, you'll usually be able to find a place for it.

Here are some of my favorite examples of eclectic rooms.

I also consider my own apartment to be rather eclectic, due to the mix of different styles, including midcentury modern, modern, and even a few traditional styles.

Eclectic Dining Room - A Detailed Palette
Eclectic Living Room - A Detailed Palette
Eclectic Living Room - A Detailed Palette