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Favorite Home DIYs

I recently shared some of my favorite home purchases, so I thought it was only fair to showcase some favorite thrifty/DIY projects where both the process and the results were rewarding.

My Desk

When I first moved to Milwaukee, I was actually working part-time freelancing. This, of course, required me to be working from my laptop quite a lot. At that time, since I didn't have a desk or any type of work area whatsoever, I would usually find myself working from the couch or from my bed. I noticed really quickly how easy it was for me to get distracted or how tempted I would be to either watch TV or take a nap. All that said, when a relative was downsizing and getting rid of their desk, I took said desk eagerly off their hands. It wasn't really my style - it was much more traditional and bulky than I usually prefer. I went with it anyway though because, as you may have guessed, being a part-time freelancer does come with some major budget restrictions. I always figured that I'd either replace the desk or paint. About a year after getting the desk, I learned about chalk paint from my friend Nicole (note: chalk paint is NOT to be confused with chalk board paint.... although I am totally guilty of confusing the two) and decided to give it a go. I am so glad that I did! I chose a dove gray which makes the desk look so much more modern somehow, even with it's more traditional shape. I think the biggest transformation is just how much more poised and elegant the soft gray is compared to the color it was before.  I absolutely love this desk and, in total, it cost me about $30 when you factor in the new coat of paint.

Favorite Home DIY - Home Office Desk - A Detailed Palette

My Dresser

For a long time, I was quite content to leave my dresser as it was. Sure, it had some chips and was worn in some areas, but I never minded. I always thought it gave the furniture piece a bit more character - something that I am all for. However, as I was continuously adding and editing the design of the bedroom, the whole space just really suddenly felt "off", as though it was missing some vital, cohesive element. I hesitantly decided to paint (with the trusty dove gray chalk paint, of course) the dresser to see if that solved the issue. Even though I loved how my desk had turned out, I was more nervous to paint the dresser. My worries were unfounded, thankfully, and now I love the new look and feel of the dresser. It's true what they say - lighter colors do really help to open up a space and make it feel more open. It's actually crazy how much the new color transformed the room.

Favorite Home DIYs - Chalk Paint Dresser - A Detailed Palette

My Found-then-Sold Chair

I actually happened to find this chair while running; the previous owner was literally taking it to the curb. After determining there wasn't really anything wrong with it, I decided to take it back to my house and make it the french-style arm chair I had always wanted. After a rather arduous attempt at re-upholstery and furniture painting, I created a statement chair that I am still quite proud of. The chair itself eventually felt a bit forced in the space, though, and even though I loved it, I decided to part with it. I actually sold this beauty on Craiglist! And even though anyone can sell anything on Craiglist, I still consider it an achievement and am quite proud of the fact overall; my hard work certainly did not go to waste, and even though I don't own this furniture piece anymore, it's the only furniture DIY project I've worked on to turn a profit.

Favorite Home DIY - French Chair - A Detailed Palette
DIY Chair Makeover - A Detailed Palette

ps: This post was actually supposed to go up on Tuesday morning, but just as I was about to save it, my browser crashed on me. It was a devastating blow. Happy to finally be sharing this and apologies for my rather haphazard posting schedule as of late - I'm going to get back on track, I promise. :)

Have a great Wednesday!

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