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Favorite Home Purchases - So Far

Favorite Home Purchases - So Far

Favorite Home Purchases - A Detailed Palette

While everything in the apartment has been hand-picked or handed down, there are a few hand-picked/purchased items that really stand out as favorites. I wanted to share these favorite home purchases (so far) and share just why I love them so much. 

A Pair of Eames Chairs
Full disclosure, these are not actual Eames chairs, but instead just imitations. Yes, I purchased a mock one because I love the look, but didn't have the budget to get the real thing. I love the wooden legs underneath, as they really complement the flooring. At first glance, I think many assume that these chairs simply won't be comfortable at all, but that simply isn't the case. I have two; one used as a sewing chair while the other is used as a side chair/used for guests. Both are comfortable, stylish, and really lend that mid-century modern vibe that I love.

Favorite Home Purchases - Eames Chair Imitation - A Detailed Palette

The TV Stand
I don't think anything has changed the look and feel of my home as much as this. Perhaps because, without really realizing it, the TV (and by extension the TV Stand) had become the focal point/center of the room. I had always wanted a new one, but had never made it much of a priority. I wish I had because it has made such a huge difference, not only when it comes to actually watching TV, but also in terms of how put together and polished the space now looks. It's not all matchy-matchy, but there is much more balance than before

TV Stand - A Detailed Palette
Living Room with Gallery Wall - A Detailed Palette

The Elizabeth II Gray Sofa
It took forever to find a sofa that would fit in this apartment. The door frames were so narrow that finding something small enough was a bit tricky. My dad even grumbled about it once when he came to visit. The apartment can feel on the small side for those who are taller. We were finally successful with this couch from Wayfair and could not be happier with it. So affordable, small enough to fit inside (important for obvious reasons), really comfortable, and roomy enough. I can't believe we had just two armchairs for as long as we did - just crazy to me now! You can read more about our couch hunting experience on Wayfair where the story has been featured.

Light Gray Couch - A Detailed Palette
Trip to Lake Powell

Trip to Lake Powell

New Favorite: Bicycle Bookend Set

New Favorite: Bicycle Bookend Set