Favorite Iconic Designs: The Wishbone Chair

Before I started working with furniture at my previous job, which was at a medium-sized office furniture retailer, I didn't think much about furniture design. While I knew what I liked, I never really thought much about the design story behind any furniture piece or who even designed it. I now, of course, find those details to be incredibly interesting - especially when it comes to truly iconic pieces that have such strong stories and seemingly timeless appeal.



One such design is the Wishbone Chair. As it is incredibly popular and iconic, the chances are high that you've seen it around in publications, online, and on social media. It features the "wishbone"-like back - hence its name. It was designed by Hans Wegner, a Danish designer, who was inspired by the ceremonial seats of the ancient Chinese Ming and Qing dynasties. Of course, it's a simpler, more streamlined take - those ceremonial seats are quite ornate as one would imagine. Still, it's incredibly awesome that Wegner essentially took a very traditional design and applied his own design aesthetics and principals to make something totally modern and new. The chair itself is considered a classic example of Danish midcentury modern design.

It's a really graceful design. There are many imitations of the Wishbone Chair, as there are for most iconic designs so as to offer a range of price points. After all, a true Wishbone Chair can be a bit pricey. 


The wishbone chair makes for a wonderful dining room chair. While often shown in an office setting, I do think that ergonomic (or adjustable) chairs are best if you're going to be sitting for extended periods of time. I'd love to get a set of these chairs for a future dining room space - but I am currently in no rush as what I have now works and looks just fine for the space.

What do you think? Do you love this chair as much as me?
Have a lovely Wednesday! 
-xo, Rachel