Life with the Fitbit HR - Week 1

Fitbit HR Review - A Detailed Palette

After waiting for what felt like forever, even though it definitely was not, I finally have my Fitbit HR, and I've been wearing it nearly every day this week. So far, I am SO glad that I made this purchase.

It's been a huge motivator for me already, especially when it comes to steps and ensuring that I get my workouts in. I've been too nervous to wear it to hot yoga just yet, but it hasn't really been an issue since I can manually add it.

Half marathon training is now in full swing, and I have been using the Fitbit to set my exercise goals for each day. It's nice because  it  then reminds me of said goals and motivates me to get going. The Fitbit HR has goal features around everything - something that I love. You can even set sleep goals, which I will totally be doing, along with my exercise goals.

Fitbit HR - Review - A Detailed Palette

Seeing my sleep patterns and the number of hours I actually sleep has been eye opening. It's something I know that I definitely need to work on, if I want to be truly healthier. I think so often that we disregard sleep and the impact that it has on our overall health, but truth be told, it's a big deal. I'm adding it to my list of overall goals for this year: Get enough sleep.

The reason I went for the Fitbit HR instead of the other bands is the heart rate monitoring. This Fitbit monitors your heart rate. Not only is it incredibly interesting to me to know what my heart rate is at any given time, I plan to use this feature as I train for my half marathon/hopefully get into better shape overall.

So far, I am so happy with this new Fitbit. Hope you have a great weekend!
-xo, Rachel

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