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Floral Arrangement Workshop: Pops of Spring with Mint and Lovely Studios

Yesterday, my friend Kate and I attended a floral arrangement workshop hosted by Mint and Lovely Studios at Hot Pop MKE in the third ward of downtown Milwaukee. Incredibly talented florists from Belle Fiori taught us how to make the flower arrangements below. 

There are going to be some really pretty pictures of the event, as the amazing Jenna Kutcher was present and took photos, including ones of each person with their arrangement, but I still wanted to share a few snaps of the arrangement in my home, along with some of the goodies from our goodie bags. You can find more pictures of the event at Jenna Kutcher's blog.

Spring floral arrangement via A Detailed Palette

I feel like I learned so much about creating flower arrangements. While we all had the same flowers to work with, everyone's looked a little bit different, and I absolutely loved that fact - each one was completely unique.

Reggie obviously just had to smell. I don't blame him - it smells so heavenly!

Floral arrangement for Spring via A Detailed Palette

The workshop was located in Hot Pop - if you live in Milwaukee, and you haven't been to it yet, you should definitely take a quick look around. It's not difficult to find something fun -especially if you're in need of a little gift. I was actually inspired to create my knitted cactus due to a knitted cactus that my coworker got from Hot Pop.

Goodies from Floral Workshop - via A Detailed Palette

You can see some of the goodies above. I tried to arrange them in a nice way on my table, but there were so many that it became a little tricky  - not that I am complaining.  I just love all of these cute, adorable details!

Mint and Lovely Floral Workshop Goodies via A Detailed Palette

Can we talk about that milk glass hobnail vase? It's a huge home decor trend right now - it adds texture and a clean, fresh look with the stark white color. There's also a vintage flair to it that I can really get behind. 

If you are in the Milwaukee area, I definitely recommend checking out these Mint and Lovely workshops - a great way to make your weekends more creative. I personally am trying to focus more on investing in experiences, as opposed to spending on things, and this workshop provided a way to do just that. Plus, now that I have the necessary tools, I think I am going to try some more flower arrangements on my own. Exciting!

Have a beautiful Monday!

-Xo, Rachel

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