Friday Favorites: Online Art Source iCanvas

While on my search to find the perfect artwork for my gallery wall, I came across iCanvas and knew I had to share it with all of you. Artwork can be tricky to shop for online, and it can also be incredibly expensive - something that holds true whether you're shopping on line or in person. iCanvas is really affordable though, as there always seems to be good deals. 

There's also quite a large selection of different kinds of artwork, including abstract paintings, prints, work by Banksy, and some classic best sellers. What really sold me was the fact that you can get actual canvases. While prints are great and fine, I love canvas - it makes it feel more like real artwork to me. I am so incredibly excited for the artwork we ordered for the living room gallery wall to be delivered - which should be soon.

Another really awesome feature of iCanvas - you can shop by Artist or by room. I love the fact that real artists are getting a bit more credit for their work through this, and I am happy that the shop by room feature makes the selection less overwhelming and more ideal for the situation that you're looking for.

Here are some of my favorites:

iCanvas Artwork - A Detailed Palette
iCanvas Artwork - A Detailed Palette
iCanvas Artwork - A Detailed Palette

Hope you have a great weekend!
-xo, Rachel