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Friday Favorites: Ceiling Medallions

Friday Favorites: Ceiling Medallions

I was recently looking at a few pictures from a home listing in Maine. The house actually currently belongs to Andy's brother, and it's just beautiful. The style can best be described as very traditional, as it was built in 1870, but you can just tell that a lot of quality craftsmanship went into it. I was blown away by the gorgeous crown molding and the ceiling medallions. Below is just one of the many original ceiling medallions and lighting fixtures in the home. 

Ceiling Medallion - A Detailed Palette

Homes today are just not built with so much adornment. While I understand why, as it doesn't suit everyone's tastes, is time-consuming, and is sure to be a bit more expensive, I do wish that ceiling medallions, paired with a statement lighting fixture of course, were more the norm in homes today as opposed to the exception.

So for this Friday Favorites I wanted to share are some really gorgeous ceiling medallion looks. All sources for these images have been credited!

Ceiling Medallions - A Detailed Palette

Image via Small Notebook


Image via Christine Dovey

Ceiling Medallions and other ceiling details - A Detailed Palette
Gold Ceiling Medallion via Style Me Pretty - A Detailed Palette

Image via Style Me Pretty

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