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Friday Favorites: 2016 Daily Essentials

Friday Favorites: 2016 Daily Essentials

There are just certain things that you need on a daily basis to stay organized and feel polished and put-together. Here are a few of my daily essentials right now.

Sugar Paper 2016 Planner

My Passion Planner is no more, and while I loved it, I decided to go with a more colorful design this time around. Enter gold polka dots + a white background. So far, I love this planner - there's thankfully enough room for me to still write EVERYTHING down and keep track of all my goals and GSD lists.

Daily Essentials - January 2016 - A Detailed Palette

MVMT Gold Watch

This was a Christmas gift from Andy so huge shout out and thank you to him because I absolutely love it. Isn't it beautiful?!  I've been wearing it constantly and actually using it, as opposed to my phone, to see what time it is.

Gold Watch from MVMT - A Detailed Palette
MVMT Gold Watch - A Detailed Palette

Boroux Glass Water Bottle

So I have been looking for a new water bottle, ever since I noticed that the top was breaking off of my pink Camelback, which is a bit expected, I guess - I have had that water bottle for forever and well, nothing lasts forever. I wanted a glass water bottle (just to avoid all the issues with plastic) and found this one from Boroux. This glass is supposed to be shatter-proof, but I'm hoping to not test that anytime soon.

Friday Favorites - Glass Water Bottle

That's it for today - hope you all have an absolutely amazing weekend!
-xo, Rachel

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