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Friday Favorites: Details

It is, as always, all about the details. Here are a few favorites for this week.

Cynthia Rowley Dish Towels: So we all know that Cynthia Rowley makes some stylish clothes. Turns out, she also makes some adorable home items like the dish towels below.  I love these – they were a really affordable find at TJ Maxx, too. They remind me of summer and, more specifically, of Italy when I was lucky enough to travel there. These towels give me some major wanderlust, you guys!

Friday Favorites - Cynthia Rowley Dish Towels via A Detailed Palette

Dog nose mug: I actually first grabbed this mug as part of a Mother’s Day gift. After gifting the first, I went back and got another one for myself because I just love it that much. Firstly, this cup is gigantic. I think I could probably fit half a pot of coffee in this sucker (if not more) which is absolutely delightful. I’ve also been toying around with the idea of using it as a planter. My begonia plant could definitely use one – it still has that weird plastic wrapping around it that they always seem to come with. I haven’t decided, but I know that whenever I use it or see it, this mug is going to make me happy.

Friday Favorites

Essie - "Back in the Limo" Nail Polish: What a weird name. This color is just great for spring and summer. It’s not very bold or bright, but looks so delicate after a few coats. It has a peachy-blush feel to it that I am really loving right now.

LOFT Striped Drop Waist Dress: This was on mega-sale at the LOFT store near me, and while it definitely has a heavier feel, meaning that it’s not ideal for summer, I absolutely cannot resist a drop waist dress. While A line dresses and Empire Waist dresses are perhaps THE most unflattering things in the world when on me, I can actually pull off the drop waist dress and this one from LOFT is pretty perfect.

This drop waist dress from LOFT isn't the exact same, but it's really, really close.

Friday Links

I've got a wedding to attend tomorrow so I am going to try to be fancy and accomplish this hairstyle. We will see how it goes.

The floral workshop that I attended was featured on Style Me Pretty Living! My face didn’t make the cut, but still so cool to see so many Wisconsin businesses and creatives get recognition. The floral “recipe” is on there so if you really want to recreate what we were taught, you totally can!

Well, that's all for today.  I'll be hopefully dancing the night away on Saturday (but not too late) and then tackling my long TEN mile run on Sunday... the half marathon is on the 24th so it's almost go time! AH!

Have an amazing weekend!

-xo, Rachel


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