Friday Favorites: Top Makeup Picks

Top Beauty and Makeup Products Right Now via A Detailed Palette

This Friday Favorites is all about makeup and beauty! Also, as a quick reassurance - none of these products are sponsors - I am writing about these products because I really, really love them and all of them were suggested by one of my best friends who is a makeup whiz. 

Smashbox Primer Photo Finish: The same makeup whiz friend was once shocked to know that I didn't use any primer before I put on my foundation; I never thought it made that much of a difference. I can confidently say that it really does. This is such a great primer that keeps your foundation looking amazing/lasting throughout the day. 

Urban Decay Naked 2: My boyfriend got me this palette for Christmas this year, and it has been a wonderful two months with this palette in my life. It's so beautiful, and it definitely has the best color option for me/my skin tone.

MAC foundation: This is so lightweight, but offers such good coverage. 

Stila Eyebrow Filler: My eyebrows are actually really light, so I use this to spruce them up a bit. It works wonderfully well with a really fine point.

Urban Decay Potion Eyeshadow Primer: Works really well when paired with the Naked 2 palette. Keeps all of the color in place and makes sure that it lasts extra long.

They're Real - This mascara, as I have said before, is so worth the price. I love this mascara - my only complaint is that you have to apply it very slowly. If I go too quickly, I find that my lashes can get a bit clumped. But applying it methodically makes the lashes look so full and dark - plus it lasts all day.

Urban Decay Cream Eyeliner - I really prefer to use cream eyeliners with an eyeliner brush as opposed to pencil eyeliners. I just feel that I have more control. This is by far my favorite eyeliner because it doesn't smear as easily as other options seem to do.