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Friday Favorites: Zebra Home Decor

Zebras have always been one of my favorite animals. I used to love seeing them at the zoo as a child. In fact, my very first trip to the zoo (at least the first one that I remember), I got a zebra mask and loved it. Until I eventually destroyed it. Anyway, it's actually something that one of my sisters and I have in common, and when I saw her large zebra painting in her living room, I was inspired to get a piece of zebra artwork myself. For a brief moment of clarification, while I like zebra decor and have added quite a bit of it to my home, I'm personally not on board with any sort of taxidermy or any type of animal rug (whether real or fake). It's just not my favorite, and in some situations, I find it to look a little tacky. I am not even overly fond of zebra print. That said, everyone is different and I get that home design isn't objective. Moving on to my recent zebra decor additions that have become absolute favorites:

Zebra Artwork

One of my favorite additions to the gallery wall. I got this piece for iCanvas - an art source that I highly recommend and found after really scouring the internet for affordable art.

Zebra Art and Home Decor - A Detailed Palette

Zebra Box

I LOVE this. I saw it at west elm and found myself continuously gravitating towards it, trying to justify a purpose for it. I figured you can never really have enough storage space, right? It's designed to hold jewelry and that is how I have been using it, keeping it on my dresser for the time being. It just generally makes me happy.

Zebra Home Decor - Zebra Jewelry Box - A Detailed Palette

That's all for today... have a wonderful weekend!
-xo, Rachel

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