Furniture Crush: New Furniture Line from Kate Spade New York

Perhaps you have already heard the news...Kate Spade has released a furniture line! You go, Kate Spade! I haven't been this excited since West Elm released their new collection of office furniture at NeoCon... and no, I am honestly not being sarcastic at all.

Full disclosure, I spent most of Sunday evening drooling over these new furniture lines, all of which have incredibly cutesy names (because it's Kate Spade) instead of conquering a huge to-do list (which is full of weird, random tasks that come with switching jobs) like I had planned.

The furniture line is oh-so-typical Kate Spade, with it's bright colors and preppy vibe. That said, there's a cool vintage flair mixed in, complete with so many mid-century modern elements.

Kate Spade- New Furniture Line - A Detailed Palette
Kate Spade New York Home - New Furniture Line

Image Source: Kate Spade New York Pinterest

I never, ever thought that I would be a proponent of a pink and green room, but I stand corrected. The color combinations are just SO good. I also love how these rooms are complete without being overbearing. The decor is ultimately simple, but impactful. While the looks above are decidedly feminine, I think the picnic green choices could fit in just about anywhere, and I found myself drawn to that shade.

Another great thing about this collection - even if you use all of the pieces together, the room doesn't come off as being too matchy-matchy. In fact, Kate Spade seems to have taken specific steps to avoid that feel, something that I really appreciate.

This new home furniture collection toes the brand line in more ways than looks though; like the purses, clothing, and other accessories, the furniture line is deemed high end with the prices to match. So while I must admit that I am not going to be adding any of this furniture to my home any time soon, it certainly is gorgeous to look at! 

Have an amazing Tuesday!
-xo, Rachel