Gallery Wall Update

I am slowly, but surely updating the gallery wall. It's currently the only big project that still needs to be complete before I share my home tour. I found a few new pieces, but I am still looking for about three more photos/pieces of art to complete the entire thing. As you can see below, I found a large, horizontal piece (the colorful irises - artwork from TJ Maxx) for above the TV - although I am still look to fill in the space directly below it with two more small frames.

Gallery Wall Update - In Progress - A Detailed Palette

When it comes to the more blank side of the TV, I'd really like to find a large vertical painting to fill that space. I am currently thinking something black and white - preferably a zebra painting.

While I like both above, I am looking for something that has more of a painted feel to it so as to match the other artwork that makes up the gallery wall.

That's really all for today - hope you have an amazing Tuesday!
-xo, Rachel