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Getting Organized: Passion Planner

Are you one of those people who just can't schedule things on a phone or by any other electronic means? I am even though I sometimes wish it wasn't so. I need to write everything down on paper. Now, when I say everything, I mean everything. It's always been this way for me. I remember making to-do lists in grade school. I am a huge lister – and I hate when things get cramped and when I don't have enough room to write neatly. I was recently getting incredibly frustrated with my previous planner – it was just too small, cramped, and, therefore, messy. I went on a hunt for the perfect planner and came across the Passion Planner.

Getting Organized with a Passion Planner via A Detailed Palette

I used the free samples, available on Passion Planner's website, for two weeks, and I loved them. I also thought it was a really cool gesture for Passion Planner to have this option on their site. Basically, you can print their planner's formatting off for free and use it to get an idea about whether or not a passion planner would be right for you. It was so nice to be able to try this planner out before committing to anything.

The two weeks with the free samples were great. Finally! Enough room to write everything! I also loved the fact that there were time slots – as a detail-oriented person, this feature is pretty incredible. The only bad news: I was unable to purchase a planner from their website, as they were out of stock. The good news: Passion Planner was holding an Instagram contest for free passion planners. I obviously entered. The best news ever: I was one of the winners of the Instagram contest!

So now I have this amazingly awesome planner, and I just had to share that it has been upping my organization level to a much needed and much appreciated degree.

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