Goals for 2017

Goals for 2017

Happy New Year! No new year is complete though without some new goals to tackle. My list is below.

See More of the World
Ideally, I will be visiting Harry Potter World, hiking Mount Katahdin, seeing Maine for the first time, and finally making it to Canada (I have never been!) by going on a trip to Prince Edward Island. I have wanted to visit Prince Edward Island for over a decade now - ever since reading the Anne of Green Gables series.

Declutter and Simplify
I think I always feel this way after receiving Christmas gifts and realizing that I am going to need to completely reorganize and reassess what I still need and what I haven't use/worn/thought about in over a year.

Read / Listen to 50 Books
I completed this for 2016 and would like to again take it on for 2017. I will admit though that it was only possible in 2016 due to a mix of audiobooks and actually printed books. 

Healthier Mind, Body, and Soul
I have recently signed up for the Tone It Up challenge, which started this past Monday. So far it's going well. I really want 2017 to be my healthiest year yet and want to strive to take good care of myself. I'd also like to practice more yoga, continue to run, better fuel my body, and take moments to relax and to be grateful.

Get More Sleep
Even though it is directly tied to what is above, I felt it was worthy of it's own call out. This year, I am going to try really hard to get to a good place with my sleeping schedule. The plan is to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier, while still getting at least 8 hours. 

I'd like to continue blogging, with the goal of three posts per week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday mornings) and also continue to push myself out of my comfort zone and write fiction for fun. My goal is 5,000 words per week.

Give Back / Volunteer
This year, I am making more of an effort to give back and volunteer.

Stay in Touch / Call at Least Three People Every Week
With my hour commute, there is no reason not to make the most of it. I actually started doing this out of boredom, but I'd really like to use it as a way to keep in touch with people who I don't see or talk to every day. This includes my grandparents and friends who live in different cities.

Go on More Hikes with Reggie
Reggie loves being outside and going for hiking adventures. I need to use this as motivation to get outside more myself. I also got a ton of hiking gear for Christmas and really want to put it to good use.

Take a Risk
I am an incredibly risk-adverse person. That said, I want to branch out more this year either in the form of starting a knitting etsy shop or maybe training to become a yoga teacher. I haven't precisely nailed down what is possible, but I do want to go outside of my comfort zone, further hone a skill, and continue to grow.

Any goals that you are excited about for 2017?
-xo, Rachel