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Hello April!

April, some have called you the cruelest month. Well, I've just got to say it; Chaucer and T.S. Eliot are just simply wrong Yes, I defy them. I love the month of April and everything that it brings, mainly a long line of family birthdays, including my own. This April, my nephew Andrew will be born (it's a C-section so we know for sure!), and I am really looking forward to meeting the little guy. I'll have two nieces and two nephews after his arrival. Crazy how much the family is growing.

Want to know the one thing that this April is bringing with it that I am not too happy about? I'm starting it off with a terrible cold. It's sinus congestion city over here, and I've been taking NyQuil and DayQuil like it's my job. Fortunately, it's not "take off work" bad, so I've been going to work and doing okay. It has definitely impacted my running though. I actually attempted a run last night, and it did not go well at all, with me gasping for air after a mile or so. Hopefully, I can bounce back quickly. In the meantime, pass any cold cures my way!

April Projects:

Going to be channeling my inner event planner by helping to plan an amazing Kentucky Derby Party - well, one that is hopefully amazing.

Going to be teaching a continuing education class. In front of people. So nervous and busy planning. But mostly just nervous. This is so out of my comfort zone so I know it's ultimately good for me.

I'll be attending the Pops of Spring Workshop with my good friend Kate. It's hosted by Mint and Lovely Studios in Milwaukee, and I am so excited to be going. I've always wanted to learn more about flower arrangements.

 A random flower arrangement I found while out at lunch with a coworker.

A random flower arrangement I found while out at lunch with a coworker.

I'll be working more on my Hundred missions - if you haven't heard of Ashley Mansour, I totally recommend following her. She's a writer, currently publishing a young adult distopian novel called Blood, Ink & Fire. And I know what you are thinking. Something along the lines of, "Great, just what we need, another Hunger Games". Stop those thoughts! While I haven't read the novel yet, I know enough about it to confidently  say that that won't be the case.  This is a unique story - one that i think avid readers in particular will enjoy. 

Not only are her teasers on Instagram awesome, but this talented author has one of the greatest marketing plans I've ever seen. The best part? She'd never call it a marketing plan - she's incredible genuine, building a community of readers based off her passion alone, and I am so happy that I came across not only her Instagram, but also her work.  She's incredibly inspiring!

Any big plans for April? Please share!

-Xo, Rachel


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