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Hello March 2016!

Hello March 2016!


Yay! March is here and with March's arrival we are one step closer to spring. I really do love winter, but every year, without fail, I get sick of it. It just lasts entirely too long in Wisconsin.

So far, the home resolutions are coming along nicely. The bedroom update has already been shared (be sure to check it out if you haven't already) and I've been lucky enough to have traveled to two new locations (Palm Springs and Joshua Tree) for work. The areas that I am falling behind in are the health and wellness goals and my reading goals - going to have to step both of those up. I'm planning to sign up for my fifth half marathon soon so hopefully that will address at least one part of the equation.

I've recently been asked to teach a few writing courses, in response to the work on my blog and a piece of short fiction I published on Catapult. I am SO excited and hope that the opportunity will work out. I will share more details as the project develops.

Lastly, the DIY section of this blog has sorely been lacking, so stay tuned. I have quite a few projects up my sleeve that I am looking forward to sharing. 

Here's to hoping March 2016 is a great month for us all! Have a wonderful Tuesday!
-xo, Rachel

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Trip to Palm Springs and Joshua Tree

Trip to Palm Springs and Joshua Tree