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Life Lately: Hey September

Life Lately: Hey September

Reggie - A Detailed Palette

Happy Tuesday! I hope you all had a lovely Labor Day weekend. Things were quite busy around here. I went back home to be in one of my best friend's wedding - still so happy that she asked me to be a part of her day. It was absolutely beautiful, and we could not have asked for better weather. There were three bridesmaids, myself included, and we were able to pick our own dresses, the only request being that they were mint green.

After a failed attempt to buy a dress from Target (cheapest looking material ever!) and after countless hours spent browsing rent the runway, I finally found the perfect dress at Macy's (affiliate link). I found my nude heels from BCBG at Boston Store. I have to say that I really love these shoes. I've been getting much more used to heels overall, and these are actually pretty comfortable. My friend unsurprisingly looked stunning, and the whole wedding from start to finish was just perfect; laid back, but still incredibly elegant. A selfie with one of the other bridesmaids was the only photo I managed to take, but that's what wedding photographers are for. 

Wedding Selfie - A Detailed Palette

As part of our bridesmaid gifts, I received a lace bag and a pair of pearl earrings, both of which I absolutely love. You can see the pearl earrings above (since I wore them during the wedding and reception) and the bag below.

Lace Duffel - A Detailed Palette

In other news, my stretch assignment at work is officially completed!  If you're interested in mixing metals in the home, I highly recommend that you take a look at this article that I had the opportunity to write for the Kohler content team. While I have to admit that it took many rounds of edits to get it to this point, I am really happy with how it turned out and so glad that the team I was working with felt confident enough about my writing skills to ask me to write about this topic in the first place. :) I hope you guys enjoy it and find it helpful!

I am also happy to report that our two latest plant additions (succulents that were favors from a friend's wedding) are still alive and going strong. I have a bad habit of killing succulents even though they are supposed to be incredibly easy to care for... I am not sure what it is that I'm doing wrong but hoping history doesn't repeat itself.

Succulents - A Detailed Palette

Lastly, I hope your weekend left you feeling as chill and relaxed as Reggie...
xo, Rachel

Reggie the cutest dog in the world - A Detailed Palette
Some Beautiful Coasters

Some Beautiful Coasters

Friday Favorites: Skincare Favorites Right Now

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