Home Decor: Copper Crush

I think we can safely say that the metallic trend, whether we're talking about white and brassy golds or copper and dark hues, is here to stay. While I have always loved that brassy gold, I'm having a total copper moment right now - it just all looks so dramatic and elegant. 

I know that KitchenAid Mixers are always pretty pricey - why this copper one is so much more than the average mixer, I am not sure, but I do know that I absolutely love how it looks and would opt for the copper shade over any other. 

Some tips for mixing in Copper:

1. Go light or dark. Thankfully, copper works just as well with stark whites as it does moody, dark hues, like black or a deep green. 

2. Always include softer textures to balance out the sheen, hard look of metallics.

3. Mixing copper with other metallics can be done, but it's tricky. Gold and copper are both warm tones, meaning that a little bit of mixing goes a long way. Silver is often mixed with copper, as a sort of warm and cold blend that works wonderfully together.

4. Keep the hardware consistent. Mixing metals is all good and fine, but do it in small batches of accessories. Don't extend this mentality to cabinet pulls, door handles, or any other kind of hardware. Doing so just looks chaotic.