Home Decor for Pets

Home Decor for Pets - A Detailed Palette

Happy Monday! I thought we'd ease back into the week by sharing a Reggie-centric article... because adorable dog photos are sometime just needed, especially on Mondays. 

At some point or another, every dog owner just accepts the dog toys scattered about their home as part of the decor. We have a basket for Reggie's toys that would, ideal, contain the mess, but it very rarely is the case. There are some other much more polished ways though to add some decor into your home that's useful for your pet.

Pet Bed

It's finally happened! I have found a pet bed that Reggie seemingly (at least thus far) has no interest in destroying - which is quite a feat. I am not sure if this is something to attribute to Reggie learning/our training, or the design of the bed itself. Either way, we're pretty excited about the fact that he's not trying to eat this one.

Pet Bed - Home Decor

Pet Blankets

Blankets specifically meant for pets are just adorable. You can see the one that Reggie has in the photo above, folded underneath the pet bed. We usually spread this out for him or put it on top of the pet bed itself just to make things a bit more cozy for him without anything get chaotic.

Food Dishes + Pet Mat

Adding a pet mat underneath Reggie's food and water dishes just tied that little area together nicely while keeping everything a bit neater that it probably otherwise would be.

Home Decor for Pets - A Detailed Palette