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Home Decor: Something Old
Something Old - Antiques - A Detailed Palette

When it comes to home styles, I generally find myself leaning more towards modern style, whether it's Scandinavian or Mid-Century Modern. My current apartment is definitely very eclectic with some Scandinavian hallmarks, such as the hardwood floors, tons of natural light, and the stark white walls. Those details are easily my favorite things about my apartment. Still, even with my love for modern style, I do think that every home should have a few old, classic touches to it.

Old doesn't have to be synonymous with bad. We don't always have to follow the "in with the new and out with the old" mantra. In fact, I don't think we should at all.

The easiest way to incorporate these older touches is through antique finds. Whether it's a lead crystal decanter or a piece of artwork, I think adding the old in seamlessly with the new creates instant interest.

Something Old - Antique Decanter - A Detailed Palette

If you keep everything modern, it's easy to fall into the trap of a room or home appearing lifeless and/or cold. At the same time, having everything old and worn can sometimes appear unpolished as opposed to country chic. I'm all about a good, eclectic balance, but even if you're not, having older pieces in your home with stories is something that I feel every home could benefit from.

What's your favorite "something old" in your home?
-xo, Rachel

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