Home Decor: Top Vases & Sources


We all know the saying by now - April showers bring May flowers. While it's always seemed to be more of a platitude here in Wisconsin ( as in, "hang tight, crappy weather will be over soon!"), there's obviously some truth to the matter as well. If you've been following this blog or even my Instagram for any small amount of time, you've probably already discovered my love for flowers. I even wrote a whole piece on why they are the best home decor item - and thankfully, they've become way more affordable as of late, thanks to certain stores (looking at you, Trader Joe's!).

So, when you have flowers, it just naturally follows that you'll need some vases to keep them in. Here are a few favorite along with a few source recommendations.

Milk Glass Vases with Hobnail Detailing

Milk glass is all white - a fitting name. It actually has a very classic look and has been making a comeback recently, making it easier to find in larger stores. The best thing about milk glass is that it really can complement any colored bouquet. The hobnail detailing is commonly seen on milk glass, but not always. I really like it because it adds another level of texture to any flower arrangement it may be accommodating.

Top Vases -  A Detailed Palette

Depression Glass-Inspired Vases

Your best bet for this kind of glassware/vase is to hit up a thrift store or an antique store. Depression glass refers to the translucent glassware that was distributed for free during the great depression. It was sometimes even included as a throw-in or incentive to buy other products. While translucent, certain color tints are quite common, including pink and green. Of course, not everything that looks like depression glassware will be true depression glassware. Pieces from the great depression can be pretty rare - many will just have the same sort of look which, unless you are a serious collector, usually works just fine. You can see a pink example of what I am talking about below - even though in this photo, it is not being used as a vase, but instead just a decor item.

Top Vases - A Detailed Palette

Blue and White Vases

This is another classic glassware that is Chinese-inspired and has been around a long time. It's come back into popularity recently, and it usually offers a fun bold look as a piece of decor - especially when holding a large floral arrangement.

Top Vases - A Detailed Palette

Gold Vases

Gold anything is incredibly popular right now. It definitely adds a sense of glamour and just looks incredibly regal when used correctly and paired with the right blooms.

Mason Jars

Mason jars - the glassware that Pinterest made famous. It's kind of crazy how popular these jars have become for just about everything, especially when you consider that before that they were primarily used for preserving things like jam. While I don't usually use mason jars, I felt they were worth mentioning if you're looking for a vase that's understated and simply - preferring instead to let the flowers and the flowers only be the star of the show.