Home Goals for 2016

Home Goals 2016 - A Detailed Palette

I know I have already shared what my personal goals are for this year; this post is instead all about what still needs to be done to the apartment for it to e finished/ready for its close up (aka a home tour). While I know I will probably never be completely done decorating and changing things, I do want to get things to a point where the apartment feels well-decorated and polished - something we just haven't quite hit yet.

Make gold-brush stroke pillow and a zebra-print pillow  for the bedroom. I have finally narrowed down my pattern options for throw pillows. I've always loved zebras, so I though having a small scale print pillow would be fun. Pairing it with a gold, large-scale brush stroke pattern is a more recent development after seeing the trend everywhere and really loving it. It sort of adds an authentic, artsy vibe that I think would work really well with all of the other gold accents in the bedroom. This is going to be one of the DIY projects that I'll be sharing. I'll be putting my sewing machine to good use for this one!

Chalk paint my bedroom dresser. Yup, just like my home office desk, which some of you may remember. I've added marble contact paper to this dresser already, and while I'll most likely be keeping that, I feel that the light dove gray chalk paint, paired with changing out the hardware, will make the bedroom feel so much more open and look so much more sophisticated.

Find a new TV stand. While the cube bookcase has been a $70 well-spent (you go, Target!), I am ready to invest in a piece that I really love. At the very least, this cube bookcase will be painted to match some of the other finishes in the apartment.

Home Goals 2016 - A Detailed Palette

A new rug. Maybe. I know I said I was most definitely in need of a new rug, but a few things have happened since then. 1. Andy and I promised never to wear our shoes on it and 2. I cleaned the crap out of it. For an hour. And now it looks like new! Moral of story: always clean before complaining and/or spending money. Actually, that should just be a rule of life.

Curate my book collection. While I have always wanted a large library, I know that now is sadly not the time. There just isn't space, and I have to admit that my books kind of take over the apartment. Sadly, I haven't read a lot of the books that I actually own. Many of these unread books were free - novels that I inherited from random places. This isn't a bad thing, per say, but it does make me think twice about purchasing new books as I have no idea where their new home will be. So, after reading all of the currently unread books that I own (my #1 resolution for 2016), I plan to curate my collection and donate whichever books I am not a fan of to the Free Little Libraries scattered all about Milwaukee. I'm hoping that this will make my home feel more organized and give me some more space for new books, while simultaneously giving someone a chance to discover a new book that they love. After all, just because I am not a fan, it doesn't mean that that will be true for everyone else.

Home Goals - A Detailed Palette

Share my home tour. Because I have been promising it for a while. Of course, it won't be done for quite some time. But it's now on the list so it WILL be done.

I am sure many more projects will be added to the list. Maybe I'll get ambitious and creative (and permission from my landlord) and do something with the eye-sore of a kitchen. Do you have any big projects set aside for your home this year?

Have a lovely Wednesday!
-xo, Rachel