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Staying Organized - Home Office Edition

Staying Organized - Home Office Edition

Staying Organized - A Detailed Palette

When it comes to staying organized and just remembering all that I need to do, I must write EVERYTHING down. It's just a fact of my life, and I am assuming that a lot of you work the same way. This is probably why nothing motivates me to get organized more than a new notebook and some new pens. You can see my latest additions above. The notebook is from Poppins new line of metallic notebooks - which is such an incredibly cool idea, The pens were random finds at Target - which is always the case at Target.

I've also been implementing some new drawer organization for my desk by utilizing some clear/acrylic organizers and trays. The Container Store has so many that you can essentially mix and match to create an organizational system that works for any drawers - regardless of size. My desk drawers have been my main focus, as they tend to have large amounts of small stuff (paper clips, pens, etc.) that need to be corralled into one distinct location so that they can be easily found. Some drawer inspiration:



While most of my office supplies are not nearly as colorful, I love how every little thing has a distinct place/home - definitely what I am hoping to achieve with my own desk drawers.

When it comes to keeping the top of my desk organized, there are a few tricks I'd like to share:

1. Use Your Walls - if there are any bills to be paid or coupons to be used, they get pinned up on the bulletin board right above my desk. This board acts not only as decor and a place to put inspiration, but also as a storage place for me to set aside things of importance.

2. Clean Up on a Weekly Basis - Sit down every week and clear up/organize. Otherwise, it's pretty safe to say that things will get very cluttered and very out of control rather quickly.

3. Use Trays or Books to Anchor - Use trays or books to segment/corral items. As you can see on my own desk below, I've mostly utilized books for this purpose. It just helps to keep things in order and provides more layers/visual interest.

Home Office and Desk Organization - A Detailed Palette

Have a great Monday and start to your week!
-xo, Rachel

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