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Home on a Budget: A Cozy, Yet Sophisticated Look

Searching for a fun, colorful yet sophisticated look for your living room? Here are some budget-friendly picks, inspired by my friend Emily's new apartment.

Now that Emily has officially moved in and we've talked about some needs and design issues (like the midnight blue bedroom walls), we're planning a giant shopping trip for this weekend to get some needed pieces. The focus is on cozy, yet sophisticated - an adult apartment that's nicely styled. Emily already has some amazing artwork, (originals all done by her grandmother - and they are incredible!), a new couch, a coffee table, and a yellow arm chair.  I picked a few furniture items that look similarly to what she already has, but I've also picked some complementing, needed items. These pieces are just some ideas to make it all come together.

Friday Favorites: Multi-Use Furniture

How to Style a Bookcase when You Have a Lot of Books

How to Style a Bookcase when You Have a Lot of Books