Home Update: Indoor Plant Additions

Despite the fact that it's the shortest month of all, February always feels the longest. I get antsy for spring to arrive around this time nearly every year. In light of this feeling and in effort to make my home more cheerful, I decided to add a few new plants to the apartment set up.

The plant below was helpfully and descriptively called "Foliage" at Home Depot. Please note sarcasm. Either way, it was pretty much exactly what I was looking for. Plus, you know it's a good sign when you get stopped not once but twice on your way to the checkout line by fellow shoppers who want to know where you found the plant currently being hauled in your shopping cart. It looks to me to be some sort of fig plant, but I am no plant expert. The care instructions that came with it seem to be pretty low maintenance and that's what is really important.

Plant Additions - A Detailed Palette - Trendy Plants
Plant Additions - A Detailed Palette

A Bonsai Tree

Firstly, these things are crazy cool. Andy loved this more overgrown one and since I didn't fel strongly one way or another, we got this really cool variety of the Bonsai Tree.

Bonsai Tree - A Detailed Palette
Bonsai Tree - Plant Additions - A Detailed Palette

If you ever feel that your home is missing something, add a plant. It's not just me... NASA conducted a study that found that plants remove toxins from the air, improve overall health, and reduce noise. Additionally, they look pretty - although this was not a finding of the study, just my own personal opinion. So really, you're winning on a lot of fronts just so long as you can keep pets away from them. Reggie thankfully is entirely uninterested in these new additions.

Have a wonderful Monday!
-xo, Rachel