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How I Hide TV and Gaming Cords

How I Hide TV and Gaming Cords

Using Furniture to Hide TV and Gaming Cords - A Detailed Palette

When Andy and I moved in together, I was astounded by how much stuff we both had. While we made an effort to downsize, there were some non-negotiables. His variety of video game systems and all of their associated cords, consoles, and games were on that list on non-negotiables, as I fully and completely understand. I even had my N64 games to add the mix, so I was by no means a totally innocent party when it came to video game clutter. I did, however, have a really hard time staring at all of the jumbled cords.

So I decided to use the furniture that we had to my advantage. While we had your typical TV stand, it was small and was doing nothing to disguise any of the wire clutter. I decided to use my cubby bookcase as TV stand, swapping out the small item actually built for the purpose. Sometimes you just have to improvise!

The best thing about this particular cubby bookcase (which I purchased from Target years ago as a dorm bookcase) was that some of the cubbies were backless. This provided a perfect little home for each of the gaming systems, as the cords could easily be fed out and behind the cubby bookcase. Organizing the gaming systems in this way still made them easily accessible too – there was no shifting or annoying reorganizing when Andy or I wanted to play. It was all right there, neatly organized with the cords tucked away.

Another thing to consider when purchasing furniture is whether the furniture item has any type of wire management system or grommet holes. Often, desks will incorporate these features so that you won't have a jumbled cord mess in your office.

Speaking of offices, I am headed to an office design conference tomorrow ! I'll be sharing ALL about it on Wednesday so be sure to check back in! Have a great Monday!

-xo, Rachel

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