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How to Style a Bookcase when You Have a Lot of Books

How to Style a Bookcase when You Have a Lot of Books

Moving books is an arduous and heavy process, meaning that by the time I had gotten all of my books in our new place, I was just sort of over them for the time being. I have a lot of books, so I just defaulted for organizing them in alphabetical order. I did separate out some of my favorites for a few "easy to access" points like the built-in, but that's about as far as my bookcase styling went.

This week, after being inspired by some projects going on at work, I decided to re-style my bookcase and freshen things up.




How to Style a Bookcase When You Have A Lot of Books via A Detailed Palette


Switch It Up: Books don't always have to be stored vertically. It actually adds a lot of visual interest to switch things up. Place them horizontally or perhaps even at a slight angle.

Color Blocks: I didn't want to color code my entire book collection. It didn't seem functional to me, as I still want to be able to easily find my books and wouldn't be able to do that quickly by just relying on the color of the cover. Instead, I decided to add color blocks – this way I can add some color, while still sticking to the color palette that works for the rest of my space. I'm hoping that since there aren't very many books in these color blocks, they will still be easy to find.

Layer and overlap: Don't be afraid of layering, or placing décor on top pf books or even adding trays to your shelves. I purposely selected some old academic books that are very rarely used in order to make this decorative tactic as functional as possible.

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