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How to Style a Reading Nook

How to Style a Reading Nook

How to Style a Reading Nook - A Detailed Palette

I think that most avid readers dream of having a Master Library in their home. I am totally coining that term, by the way. By Master Library, I don't mean one or two bookcases in your living room; I mean a full-fledged LIBRARY - like the Beauty and the Beast library (the library to top all libraries) where one can actually swing around on a ladder like Belle. 

Sadly, real life doesn't always cooperate; instead, most of us just don't have the space or the budget for a true Master Library. In these cases, as is my own, a stylish reading nook will just have to do.

Reading Nook Essentials
An elegant, yet comfy armchair - this chair just recently had a makeover.
A small bookcase - I really prefer book cubes when the space is super small.
A throw blanket - to stay cozy, of course.
A lamp - good lighting is essential for reading.
Your favorite books - while it might be hard to par down, you most likely will not be able to fit your entire collection of books into your reading nook. I recommend rotating the selection every now and then to keep things fresh.
A few decor items: whether it's a cute little dog figurine, some candles, or a few bookends, a few decor items are needed. to make any space feel complete - even if it's a small reading nook tucked behind your sofa.

Other reading materials, like magazines.
A pot of green tea - again, for the coziness factor. Plus, who doesn't want to enjoy a cup of tea while reading some Anne of Green Gables?

Reading Nook Styling - A Detailed Palette

Note: There is another essential that I am still missing in my current set up: an ottoman! Ottomans can be quite pricey though, so I am going to attempt to create one on my own. Be on the look out for the future DIY post. :)

Tips for a cohesive, stylish look:

Stick to a color palette for the furnishings; I wouldn't go over 3 colors. I chose white, gold & navy because it's separate from the rest of my living room, but still complements it. Plus, with all of the colors of the books coming into play, it's nice to keep the furniture more simple.

Lamp + other decor items provide you with an opportunity to incorporate different textures. Varying textures add visual interest so take advantage of the opportunity!

How to Add a Reading Nook to a Small Space - A Detailed Palette

If you can place your reading nook by natural light, do it!! Natural light is the best light to read by and it can even improve your mood.

Limit to one or two patterns - reading nooks are small spaces meaning that having too many patterns going on at once can really overwhelm and make the space feel chaotic and busy. It's a reading nook so stick to one or two patterns that contribute to a sense of serenity and elegance as opposed to frenzied chaos.

Here's to having reading nooks that allow us to reading in comfort and in style - even without our dream Master Libraries.
-xo, Rachel

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