Three Ways to Style the Space Behind Your Couch

Open floor plans are awesome. However, they can, on occassion, create some rather awkward open spaces. One such space that I have in my own apartment is the space behind the couch. Most people tend to push their couch up against a wall; it's usually the easiest layout, and it tends to work rather well. In some cases, shoving the couching against a wall just isn't possible or even logical, like when the TV hook ups are positioned in such a way that the couch's location is already predetermined.

Since styling this space behind the couch can be tricky, I thought I'd share a few different ideas.

1. Create a Reading Nook

You can find the details on the essentials for styling a reading nook in a previous post. Reading nooks are perfect for the space behind the couch if you have enough room and want a cozy, designated place for reading and lounging.

Reading Nook Inspiration and Ideas - A Detailed Palette

2. Create a Hobby Hub

I absolutely refuse to believe the notion that having a small space means that you don't have room for your hobby. While I have a craft desk in our guest bedroom and wouldn't need this separate hobby hub, I thought I'd show you all how easy it is to create one behind your couch. A slim console table paired with a chair makes a functional yet compact area for you to work. Simply add the necessary supplies and you are ready to go!

How to Style Behind Your Couch - A Detailed Palette
Creating a Hobby Hub - A Detailed Palette
Creating a Hobby Hub Behind Your Couch - A Detailed Palette
Hobby Hub Details - A Detailed Palette

3. Create a Side Table Look

This is probably the most common way to style the space behind your couch. You don't need much room to make this work, and it adds a little more style to your home as opposed to just leaving the space behind your sofa totally empty. Plus, adding a console/side table can really add a lot of function, providing you with more surface and storage space. Simply add a basket below the table for storing throw blankets and throw pillows. Tuck away shoes or hiking boots to keep clutter to a minimum.

Styling a Behind the Sofa Console Table - A Detailed Palette
Behind the Couch Accent Table - A Detailed Palette
How to style the space behind your couch - A Detailed Palette