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January 2017: New Home Additions

January 2017: New Home Additions

After the holidays and some rather awesome sales, the apartment has gained a few decor additions as of late. Here are a few favorites that I wanted to share with all of you.

West Elm Dash Blanket
Such a cozy blanket and I love the yarn "dash" detail. Reggie is a huge fan too. I also got quite a lot of new yarn, as you can also see below. I am so excited to create some new knitted items!

West Elm Dash Blanket - A Detailed Palette

Literature Rocks Glasses from The Uncommon Green
These were a gift and came in a set of six. All of the glasses feature the title of the book along with the opening lines and the signature of the author. I absolutely love these and have added them to the bar cart for a little something extra as they feature some of my absolute favorite pieces of literature. There is a cup for Pride and PrejudiceFrankenstein, Hamlet, Jane Eyre, Sherlock Holmes, and The Count of Monte Cristo.

Literature Rocks Glasses - A Detailed Palette

Hobnail Milk Glass Plant Holder + Hydrangeas
Two things happened in almost perfect coordination. 1.) My mom, who is the most avid antiquer I know, found me this hobnail milk glass plant holder. I am not sure where she found it, but she knows I love milk glass and it was such a nice surprise! 2.) I then came across a $9 hydrangea plant in a grocery store. While I know grocery store plants probably aren't super hardy, I love hydrangeas and decided to give planting one a go with this new hobnail milk glass plant holder. I love the resulting look and I am so fervently hoping that the hydrangea thrives. Fingers are most certainly crossed! I have added this to the side table right behind my desk and behind the console table. It's a table I have always felt needed a little something extra, but I never could nail down quite how to style it. I think I've final found the perfect piece of decor.

Hydrangea Hobnail Milk Glass - A Detailed Palette

Have a lovely weekend!
-xo, Rachel

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