January Workout Recommendations: Why I am Loving Tone It Up

Workouts in January - A Detailed Palette

Working out is always difficult to some degree, but it's especially difficult in the winter. There is nothing that will zap all motivation quite like seeing that the temperature is below zero. I don't even want to leave my bed on the days that is THAT cold out let alone exercise.

I love running outside so whenever winter hits, it just really bums me out. The days are also shorter, meaning that if I did commit to running outside, I'd be doing so after work in the dark and in the cold. It's not only not safe, but just no longer enjoyable, which means that my fitness level as a whole usually takes a hit during the winter. While I finally did suck it up and buy a gym membership so that I could have access to a treadmill, I've also been working out at home quite a lot. I've been doing a program called Tone It Up, recommended to me by a friend who recently lost 25 lbs. doing the program. Yes - 25 lbs, lost by a real person who I legitimately know well. I've seen her transformation first-hand. Anyway, while the program itself does have a cost, they also have loads of FREE workout videos both on their youtube channel and on their website.

While I am aware that a lot of this is going to sound like an ad, I just want to say that I am genuinely excited about how much these workouts kick my ass without me having to leave my house - and I want to firmly establish that these are all my own opinions.

I've recently joined the Tone It Up 8 week challenge - on week 3 now - and I have to say that I am a huge fan of the program overall (they also offer a nutritional plan), but especially the workouts. For me, and I suspect some others as well, it's so easy to focus on cardio and forget about toning. I actually used to DREAD weight lifting of any kind and would avoid it. It just wasn't my thing and still really isn't - which is why these workout videos are awesome. They make it easy and the two trainers totally know what they are talking about.

I highly recommend Tone It Up if you're looking for a workout that's different and effective while allowing you to avoid going outside this winter. :) Win-win, am I right?

Hope you all have an amazing Thursday!
-xo, Rachel