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January's Rocksbox

January's Rocksbox

January Rocksbox - A Detailed Palette

My second Rocksbox set arrived! This one was styled by Lisa, apparently all around some House of Harlow earrings that I had on my wishlist. Here's what I got.

House of Harlow 1960

House of Harlow - rocksbox - A Detailed Palette

Aren't these fun? I don't think I'll keep them, but I am happy to test them out for the next month. 

Perry Street Jordan Necklace

It's a mix between a statement necklace and something more delicate, which I definitely like.

Wanderlust and Co. Zigzag bracelet

I LOVE this bracelet. Go Lisa! I just think it's really fun and even a bit whimsical, while still being able to pair nicely with other jewelry that I have currently.

January Rocksbox Review - A Detailed Palette

I'm contemplating keeping the bracelet, but I am thinking that I will most likely be sending everything in this box back. What are your thoughts?
-xo, Rachel 

Friday Favorites: 2016 Daily Essentials

Friday Favorites: 2016 Daily Essentials

On Budget: Home Manicures

On Budget: Home Manicures