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July Edit: Some Favorite Things

July Edit: Some Favorite Things

A quick update before we begin as it has been some time since I've posted - we've decided to stay in our current place for yet another year! It was quite a tricky call yet again, as my daily commute takes about two hours round trip. While I have been getting more used to it, it still is a struggle on most days and just takes up so much time. That said, it was difficult to imagine leaving our place and the neighborhood we live in.  One of the top features of our apartment - and one that is unfortunately hard to find elsewhere - is all of the natural light. With all of the summer light streaming in to our living room/dining room area, the plants in our space have been thriving (all except for the hydrangea plant, to be honest) and it has been just lovely.

Living room - A Detailed Palette

We also just celebrated Reggie's fourth birthday - can't believe he is so old!
So grateful for this little dog in my life!

Reggie's Fourth Birthday - A Detailed Palette

A few favorites to share:

Glass Ice Cream Cone Dishes: I first saw something very similar to these from Food52 about a year ago - that said, they were so pricey that I just could not justify purchasing them as they really wouldn't get that much use. Enter these Ice cream cone dishes from Target that were $1 a piece. Now, I am sure that the Food52 versions have their benefits, but I am just fine with the equally adorable, budget friendly version.

Ice Cream Cone Dishes - A Detailed Palette

"Beer Bouquet" Print from James Steeno Gallery: I found this while at the Cedarburg Strawberry Festival and just had to get it. I am still trying to find the perfect place to hang it and still need a frame, but wanted to share it all the same. All of the beers featured are WI-based, something that Andy and I both liked.

James Steeno Print - A Detailed Palette

Anne of Green Gables Print by David Jay: I got this from the gift shop at the Green Gables Heritage Place, along with this autobiography of L.M. Montgomery, in Prince Edward Island. Similar to the print above, I still need a frame and the perfect place to put it, but I just love this souvenir. 

Anne of Green Gables Print -  A Detailed Palette

Mirrored Sunglasses from J Crew -  got these for my trip to Maine and Prince Edward Island, and I love them.
Here is a very similar pair.

J. Crew Mirrored Sunglasses - A Detailed Palette

Jan Marini Transformation Face Cream: My sister recommended this to me and so far I love it - it has been well worth the price. I had some nasty breakouts in the beginning of the summer and had to revamp my skin regiment. This lotion has helped so much.

Have a great Monday!
-xo, Rachel

Arm Knitting - Cozy Large Throw Blanket

Arm Knitting - Cozy Large Throw Blanket

June 2017 Home Edit

June 2017 Home Edit