June Home Decor Trends

Here are a few of-the-moment finds that I am loving right now.

Corner Mirrors
At first glance, the bedroom below (by Pennyweight blogger Elise Joseph) is gorgeous. I first spotted it in Domino. The thing that really caught my eye? That triangle mirror in the corner - the one that is perfectly placed



Wallpaper - Everywhere
Whether on the ceiling, a DIY project, or just the plain old walls, wallpaper is everywhere. And with fun new patterns and prints, it feels fresh, new, and vibrant.

June Home Decor Trends - A Detailed Palette

Image via Apartment Therapy

Sputnik Chandeliers
I mean, all you have to do is take a look at the previous two images to see that this type of dramatic lighting has really taken the interior world by storm. I still like the look though - it hasn't worn thin. I appreciate the angles and the mid-century modern vibe - not to mention the fact that I bet these lights really brighten up a space a night.

Have a great Thursday!