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Kentucky Derby Hats: Top Picks

The Kentucky Derby is quickly approaching - May 2nd will be here in no time, which I am more than okay with. It snowed yesterday. Yes, on April 21st, it snowed. So I say bring on the month of May, warmer temperatures, and the Kentucky Derby. 

 If you're attending a bash for the Kentucky Derby, you're going to need a mint julep in one hand, race predictions in the other, and a big hat on your head. I can help with the latter.  I'm currently planning a Kentucky Derby bash, and I am really excited to share some top hat picks all under $100 and in a variety of styles to match most dresses/styles.

Worried that you're never going to wear any of these hats again? As someone who very rarely has the opportunity to wear fancy hats, I understand your hesitation. But you do know that a.) hats last forever and b.) you'll wear it at least once a year during the Kentucky Derby. Some of these hats could even double as fun, beachy hats for a day at the pool or while on vacation.

I am really loving the very last one in pink, but it's sadly all sold out for the time being. I'll have to keep my eye on it! Which hat is your favorite?

Have a great Wednesday! And happy Earth Day!

-Xo, Rachel

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