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Lately: May 2016 Edition

Lately: May 2016 Edition

I’m back! I needed to take a bit of a break last week, hence the reason why only one post went up, although I hope you enjoyed it. Our 1920s-themed murder mystery party was just a really great way to kick our 27th year!

My big vacation for the year is officially wrapped up, and while I had a great time, I am left feeling totally exhausted. I think this is pretty common though, isn’t it? When we finally have free time to travel, we book our days so full until they are about to burst. And for whatever reason, we just never seem to get enough sleep – even when we can sleep in! I'll be sharing all of the places we visited throughout the weeks to come. It was an incredibly busy five days - you can see a peek into our time at Lake Powell below.

Lake Powell - A Detailed Palette

With all of that said, it’s good to be back home to see Reggie and to be getting back into a routine. I ate rather poorly (something that is SO easy to do while on vacation) and barely did any working out, except for a rather slow three mile run under the blazing Arizona sun. Getting back into a routine is long overdue, and I am sure my body will thank me for it.

I will be doing a quick trip to New York City for work – I am actually really looking forward to it, as it won’t be too disruptive of my routine and is just a really fun project. I’ll be visiting the Kips Bay Showhome and meeting with an incredibly talented interior designer PLUS I’ll be able to see my one of my best friends for a few hours.... so it’s going to be a great and quick trip.

There is officially only one more thing that needs to be completed before the home tour is finally up - a completed gallery wall! So I shall be posting both of those developments very soon!

I've also added a new plant and a few new decor items to the apartment. The plant below is one that we were all given at work for Earth Day.

Plant - A Detailed Palette

I also got a new pour-over coffee maker that I love - so if you're looking for a new one, I really recommend it. It just makes the BEST coffee I've had yet. It does take a bit more time, but I think it's worth it for the flavor. It also makes it easier to only make one or two cups without wasting a ton of coffee or having a lot of trash to deal with.

Pour Over Coffee - A Detailed Palette

My sister gave me these Kate Spade earrings for my birthday - a new favorite pair for sure! They go perfectly with just about every outfit that I own... and even fit in quite well with my apartment decor!

Kate Spade Gold Earrings - A Detailed Palette

And it has been SUCH nice weather since we got back to Wisconsin, I was sure to take Reggie out for some extra long walks to Atwater Park.

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday! I am a bit nervous about taking on my work inbox. So many emails...
-xo, Rachel

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