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Life Lately: August 2016 Edition

Life Lately: August 2016 Edition

Happy Tuesday! Hope you all had a great weekend and lovely Monday. I spent time in Madison over the weekend for a friend's bachelorette party. It was so nice to spend time in that city and see some thoroughly amazing people who I haven't seen for too long. Hoping to get out there again soon before the summer winds down.

I spent a good portion of Sunday doing some meal planning - I've discovered that meal planning (which I have been doing pretty diligently for the past three weeks) is something that I just have to do if I want any chance at eating healthy for a full week. I just don't have much time to prepare meals in the evening after work.

Speaking of work, in just two more months, I will have been at Kohler for a full year! It's a fact that is so strange; it's one of those things where it feels like I have been there both forever and hardly any time at all. Things are still crazy at work - it's so, so busy, but I am still enjoying myself and feeling challenged on a daily basis. I'm going to be doing a stretch assignment soon, meaning some work outside of social media, and I am really excited about it. Stay tuned. Additionally, there are some really great, although perhaps a bit random, perks, including subscriptions to any and all magazines that I'd like plus the chance to take home fresh flowers every weekend. Some such flowers are seen below.

My Living Room - A Detailed Palette

I also made a quick stop to Target to pick up the latest Harry Potter book. I kind of wish I would have done the whole midnight release thing like I used to, but I totally dropped the ball on that timing. I've started reading it and so far, I am not too impressed. There is, however, a good chance that 1) I am being entirely too harsh and 2) I will change my mind by the end. I do have to say, though, that I really like the golden hue of the cover.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - A Detailed Palette

In blogging news, now that the gallery wall is completed, I am going to try to put together the final portion of the home tour. The only hiccup I am currently facing is that my camera has been acting up on me. I think I am going to have to take it in to see what's going on. The lens appears to be all sorts of messed up, which of course is devastating and will probably horribly expensive. Fingers crossed for an easy/affordable solution!

Have a great Tuesday!
-xo, Rachel

Dream Furniture Piece: The Eames Lounge Chair

Friday Favorites: Summer Knitting

Friday Favorites: Summer Knitting