Weekly Favorites: Cozy Details for November

We just had quite the temperature drop here in Wisconsin... and as the Starks correctly and repeatedly say, "Winter is coming." With that in mind, I wanted to share a few of my favorites for staying warm and cozy.

Blanket Scarves

These are hardly a new trend, but I still love them all of the same. I found the one below at Target for a really affordable price. So cozy! This one in particular features the perfect pattern that I have been trying to find for ages.

Copper Thermos

I got a gift card for Starbucks a few months ago. Not being a huge fan of their coffee, I decided to get this copper thermos instead and I love it. Talk about the most chic and stylish coffee thermos EVER.

Life Lately - Cozy Details for November

Knitted Hat with Fur Pom

It makes me sad to say it but I feel I must - NO I did not knit this. Although I so SO wish that I had. I am definitely using this hat for inspiration for creating my very own knitting patterns though.

Weekly Favorites: Cozy Details

Have a great weekend! 
-xo, Rachel