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Life Lately: September 2017

Life Lately: September 2017


Although it most certainly still feels like summer here in Wisconsin - happy fall! I can't believe it is already almost October. I am heading into fall with quite a lot going on. I'm hoping to get some hiking trips and some visits with the family in before winter hits us, and I lose all my motivation to leave my house.

What would an update be without mentioning Reggie? It simply must be done. One of my favorite photos of Reggie on our west elm duvet cover was recently featured on their site. I was and still am quite proud.

Given that it's the fall season and winter will soon be upon us, I am currently in the middle of four knitting projects (because I have a problem) that I desperately want to complete before winter arrives. One of them is a baby blanket for my future niece who will be arriving in January. I am SO EXCITED to meet her. Her nursery will be a dusty rose and gray palette... so I attempted to find yarn as close to dusky rose as possible. I believe I succeeded with the yarn below - it's Caron Simply Soft (which I love working with, especially for baby blankets) in Victorian Rose. I just love the name Victorian Rose for a color - and I think it's perfectly named!

Knit Quilt Block Baby Blanket - A Detailed Palette

I'm also working on another Chunky Knit Blanket for a friend. She saw the one I made for myself and asked if I would be willing to create one for her because she LOVED it. As the blanket was so much fun to make and is one of my absolutely favorite things, I couldn't say no. I still have about 3/4 of the blanket to complete... but 1/4 of it is done! 

Chunky Knit Blanket - A Detailed Palette

Sweater Kit from Wool and the Gang - this is the one that I am admittedly the most behind on. I am only a few rows in ... and haven't completed any portions of the sweater. That said, it IS my first sweater and I am excited about the challenge of it all. I just hope it comes together into a piece that I can actually wear in public.

Wool and the Gang Julia Sweater Kit - A Detailed Palette

Shorewood has its very own Orange Theory gym, and it has been awesome! I have been going about twice a week for a few weeks now. I love that even though it's an hour class, it really just flies by. It's a good mix of speed training and weights, which is perfect for me because those are the things I definitely do not do enough of on my own.

I've also discovered the Runner's World Podcast on Spotify and have been listening to it nearly every day for a week. It's so inspiring - definitely recommend it. It even has me considering training for a full marathon for 2018, although that is still to be determined.

Hope you all have a fabulous Monday!



Plant Adventures: Propagating Philodendrons

Plant Adventures: Propagating Philodendrons

Arm Knitting - Cozy Large Throw Blanket

Arm Knitting - Cozy Large Throw Blanket