Living Room Update: Mallard Area Rug

The new rug has been added to the living room, and I am really happy with it. I can now completely confirm that getting a rug pad is a MUST. It makes a world of difference when it comes to keeping the rug anchored and in place.

A Detailed Palette - Living Room Update: Mallard Area Rug

Below, you can see more of the rug from another angle, along with the three stockings that I got for Christmas... I've started decorating a little bit early this year. I just could not help myself.

A Detailed Palette - Eclectic Living Room

So far, we are huge fans of the rug. The only negative that I have noticed is that the rug pad itself was quite smelly when it was first out of the package and the smell continued to linger for a day. Now, I've either gotten used to it or it has dissipated.

I'm hoping that this rug, with it's darker color, stands up better to high traffic and dirt. It's already been Reggie-approved.

A Detailed Palette - New Rug is Reggie Approved

Have a lovely Monday!
xo, Rachel