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Looking to 2016

Looking to 2016

2016 Goals - A Detailed Palette

Apologies for the delay - I have been really ill with a quick bout of the stomach flu. Thankfully it seems to be all over! Today, I wanted to share a few goals for 2016. As with every new year, it's kind of exciting. This year, I especially feel that way. 2015 was an incredible year, but it was also a really tough one. Some months were by far better than others. July was probably the highlight (my Europe trip) but I know that the other parts of the year were filled with challenges that I just did not see coming. But I suppose that that's life. All the same, a fresh new year is coming at just the right time for me. I am ready to let 2015 go and look to 2016!

I already know that I'll be doing some traveling for work (for Modernism Week! I am so excited!!!) and that I'll be attempting to reading 50 books yet again... so with that said, here are some goals that I'd like to be held accountable for this year.

Take Photography Class

I was given a photography class as part of my Christmas gift! I am so excited to take it, although I suspect it's going to be tough and probably time consuming. Either way, I hope it helps me take better photos.

Share a Home Tour on The Blog

I have been wanting to do this for a while, but the apartment just isn't quite there yet. Hoping it's really soon and that the photography class comes in handy.


Palm Springs and Las Vegas are for sure on the docket already, due to work. Hoping for a few more trips, including one for fun/vacation - I'd still love to go to Prince Edward Island/anywhere in Canada in general,  but I am not sure if I can make that happen or not.

Read Every Book That I Own

As sad as I am to say it, there are quite a few books that I own/have inherited that I haven't read. I'd like to give my library card a rest for the beginning of the year and focus on what's on my shelves. 

Read 50 Books

After I am done with my own shelves, I'd still like to make sure I read 50 books overall (including the ones I currently own).

Get Stronger/In Shape

I know it's oh-so-typical, but whatever... and I will say that I even have a weight loss goal attached with this one too. I have been incredibly inspired by my friend Alyssa who has been doing the Tone It Up Plan and has just never felt or looked better. I started it as well, and while I am still getting the hang of it, it is definitely something that I want to continue/get better at. I'd also like to get back to hot yoga. I took a bit of a break from it (just because it is so expensive, gah!) but I went to a class with my friend Jenna on Christmas Eve morning and it was just incredible.

Budget Better

Yup, I am going to follow up the mention of expensive hot yoga classes with budgeting! This one, I feel, is pretty self-explanatory, but I'll be going into the various ways I attempt to do this - so stay tuned.

Knit Enough to Start an Etsy Shop

Yup, still want to do this one, and I have still been failing miserably.

Have 2 New DIY Project/Design for Darby Smart Every Month

Yup - going to try to keep up with this one so that I am challenging myself to stay creative and share some fun and helpful ideas!

Write 2000 Words Weekly

2000 words of fiction that is, in addition to keeping up my week day blog post! :)

And lastly... spend loads of time with people I love, especially little Reggie.

Hope you all have a great 2016!

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