March Home Edit

Putting together a home edit for the month of March. Here are some home items and picks that I am loving for this month.

Rediscovered this print - it will be added to the gallery wall over the weekend. I am planning to expand the gallery wall now that the new TV stand has lowered the height of the TV. Pretty excited about the project and will of course be sharing how I go about creating my gallery wall in a future post.

Home Edit - March- A Detailed Palette

And here are a few more favorites for the rest of the home.

Copper measuring cups have made my kitchen a bit brighter - something I certainly appreciate. I also have an "R" mug like the ones above - if you follow me on instagram, you're probably well aware of this fact already. It's one of my favorites so I'm often taking photos of it.

With spring being here, it's always fun to add some whimsical touches. I especially love the giraffe jewelry tray and the whale bookends - although I admittedly do not own either product. Still, they just can easily add some fun into a bedroom or a living room space.

I am in need of a new entryway rug - the one pictured above is a contender right now, as I think it would hold up well throughout the spring, what with all of the rain and the unexpected snow.

Have any favorites? I'd love to hear which!
-xo, Rachel