March Rocksbox Review

My March Rocksbox has arrived! It is actually my first rocksbox set that has silver jewelry, which has been a nice change of pace. I remember when I was younger, silver jewelry was THE thing to wear. I don't think I even owned any gold jewelry. Today, though, that's quite a different story. Gold, both in fashion and interiors, has made such a huge comeback. Even rose gold is back on everyone's radars. I am now a huge fan of both silver and gold jewelry - and sometimes even mix the metallics if I'm feeling creative.

Here are the silver picks from Eleanor, my stylist for this month.

March Rocksbox - A Detailed Palette

I absolutely LOVE the necklace, and I am pretty sure that I will be purchasing it. It will go well with just about every item of clothing that I own.

The Kendra Scott Picks are, as always, super fun, and I am looking forward to wearing these earrings.

I am not sure how the bracelet will pan out - I'm hoping it will be better than the last, which I managed to get caught on everything. In any case, it's always fun to get these boxes and try out new looks.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!
-xo, Rachel