May 2016 Reads

May Reads - New Kindle - A Detailed Palette

Last week, I decided to purchase a Kindle, as you can see above. I have always loved real, actual books - the ones you can hold between your hands, the ones that you can collect and display proudly in your own little library. I think that it's powerful stuff, holding on to a book and staying still (except for turning the pages) while your mind and imagination transport you to somewhere else entirely. Anyone who is a fan of reading most likely feels the same. I do think that part of that magic is lost when it's all digital - hence my resistance to purchase a kindle at all, despite being an avid reader. All that said, books are heavy. Books are especially heavy when traveling... and this is the main reason why I decided to get a small Kindle. Another contributing factor was that they were also on sale.

Another benefit - Amazon offers free books each month for download, meaning that I have quite a few already at my disposal. Here are the books I am hoping to read throughout the month of May.

Helen of Sparta by Amalia Carosella - A different take on the Trojan legends. I am really excited to read this because I love any sort of fiction that takes legends you think that you know and turns them into totally new stories.

Guardians of the Night by Alan Russell - Mystery/crime solving story that focuses on a detective and his German Shepherd. I am a little nervous - the dog better not die!

Wreckage - This book is about what happens to two individuals after both being stranded on an island and eventually rescued. I have already started this one, and there is definitely an element of mystery - I hope that the end proves worthy of the build up. I also appreciate how realistic the author has made this novel so far.

Have a great Wednesday!
-xo, Rachel