June 2017 Home Edit

It's June, and I am so happy that summer is finally here! It took a while, but the weather has been beautiful and I am excited to get back into running after taking a week off after the half marathon. With the new month, it seemed like an ideal time to share some new home trends in a home edit for June.

While I am not sure how practical wallpaper is when it comes down to the details of application, removal, and resale, it's been seriously trending for a while. My new favorite is this white and blue de Gournay wallpaper spotted in the San Francisco Designer Show House in the room by @dinabandmaninteriors. de Gournay, I have determined, is literally everywhere - I have seen it in nearly every big designer show home recently and in so many photos across shelter magazines and social, especially Instagram.

Something about that blue and white combination is so classic, but also so fresh feeling. That seems to be contradictory, but it's true and something about the combination above just works.The wallpaper and color scheme aren't the only things that I love about the photo above. The space is incredibly functional - if I had a laundry room this beautiful, I think laundry itself would be much less of a chore. And can we talk about that little doggy rinse station? It's just all perfect and I love how dog-friendly this would make any home once this was applied.

Changing gears a bit and going back to the warm, summer weather - it so makes me wish that I had space for a patio. Such a perfect way to enjoy the weather while either reading or knitting.

A dream patio with some eclectic vibes: 

The best thing about the look above? It could probably be mostly thrifted and wouldn't be horribly expensive to recreate. The plants would most likely be the most costly items.

Have a great Monday!