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May Home Decor Trends - Just in Time for Mother's Day

May Home Decor Trends - Just in Time for Mother's Day

May Home Decor Trends via A Detailed Palette


As it's the start of a brand new month, I thought I'd take some time to share some fun and affordable home decor trends going on right now. I've recently been using Shop at Home to save on some of these decor picks. For those who don't know, is an online coupon  and cash back site that partners with thousands of online retailers to deliver savings and rewards. It's pretty nifty overall, and a great platform to use to make trendy decor from many places, including Overstock, more affordable... especially if you're still looking for a Mother's Day gift! Without further ado, here are some decor trends I've seen for May:

Live Edge: This refers to the unpolished look where wooden surfaces or décor elements are left in a more natural state. You can see in the Dustin Brown Bench link below how it looks rougher than the smooth wooden surfaces that we are often accustomed to. Live edge can be incorporated in many different designs from dining tables to clocks. My grandma and grandpa used to have an incredible live edge clock at their cabin, although I have no idea where it has gone to now. This type of design is rustic, adds texture, and can really just look incredibly cool. While the look is rougher, live edge isn’t always rough to the touch, even though it may look like it will be. 

 Live Edge Pick: 

Creative Framing: Who says frames have to hold pictures or artwork? I really like the idea of taking something as simple as a frame and doing the unexpected, like taking out the glass and just using the frame on its own. While I don’t think I’d leave the space inside the frame empty, as some are, I do really like the idea of framing another piece of wall décor that isn’t art or a photo. I love how it immediately accents the décor and really makes it stand out. I think more decorative and more rustic frames work best for this sort of styling.

Creative Framing Picks: 

Copper Everything: This one might not be new for May, but it's still wildly popular, and I absolutely love it. From copper pendants and mugs to copper canisters and plant holders, I swear copper is everywhere right now.

Some copper décor picks that I absolutely love: 

Succulents: These plants are wildly popular, probably because they are incredibly easy to care for and they just have a really cool look to them. There are many different varieties, too, so finding one that is perfect for your home and your tastes is actually pretty easy. 

Some succulent picks:

This post was sponsored by ShopatHome, but all views are my own.

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