Media Console and TV Stand Picks

Apologies for posting so much later than I usually do. I'm currently in Palm Springs, traveling for a work photo-shoot, and it is simply beautiful here. Really hoping I have some time to get in a few hikes while we're here!

Anyway, right before I left, I fulfilled one of my other home resolutions for 2016 - we're getting a new media console! I found exactly what I was looking for and ON SALE so it was a huge moment. I think, overall, with it's longer profile, it's just going to make the whole room feel more polished and put together.

Media Consoles and TV Stand Picks  - A Detailed Palette

Plus this new TV console will have some wire management going on, unlike our current method. Even though I try to hide all of the cords, it's not always as smooth as I'd like. I can't wait to share what the new media console looks like!

In case you're looking, here are some of my favorite media console and TV stand picks:

Have a great Monday!
-xo, Rachel